Frozen Whole Roaster Chicken


A Whole Roaster chicken is grown longer than the standard grocery store fryer chicken. Our roasters can be prepared similar to a small turkey or with you favourite recipes. You will have a lot of tasty leftovers!

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1 - 3 $29.99
4 - 7 $27.99
8+ $26.99
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Discount available for large orders!

  • Niagara Region farm raised – Approx. 3 kg / 6.5 lb each
  • 100% Natural with no added hormones
  • Free range in a barn
  • Each bird weighs between 6 and 7lbs (2-3X grocery store weight)
  • Vacuum sealed for freshness

This isn’t your typical grocery store fryer chicken. These are the big boys of the chicken world and take more care to grow.