• How does Farmlife Foods work?

    We’re glad you asked!

    What we do is sell fresh Ontario chicken in bulk through our Online cart. We usually have a pick up event at the Niagara Falls or St. Catharines Farmers’ Market, but due to the current circumstances we deliver direct to the customers home. Delivery occurs one week after your online order is placed. Delivery details will be emailed the Monday after your order. Delivery is usually on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

  • How much is your chicken?

    Grocery store and supplier chicken prices vary from week to week, but we do our best to keep the prices our customers pay consistent and we’re always fair. Visit our Chicken Products page for our current prices and to order. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Be sure to check what size package we’re selling. Because we sell in bulk, we try to keep the price down as much as possible. Our prices are cheap, but the products certainly aren’t. The whole jumbo chickens are packed to weigh between 22kg and 23kg. The most you’ll pay per KG is our current price divided by 22kg since that’s the minimum we provide.

  • How many chickens are in a box?

    7-8 whole chickens in a box. It ranges because the weight of each chicken varies, but the total box weight will be between 20 and 25 kg with an average of 22kg.

  • What are the chickens fed?

    Steak and potatoes with vegetables. Just kidding, our chickens are grain fed.

  • Where are your chickens raised?

    All of our chickens are raised indoors in ventilated and temperature controlled barns that are inspected and certified to ensure safe and ethical practices. Most Canadian chicken has to be raised indoors because of our wonderfully cold winters (sarcasm). Chickens can’t live outdoors in snow and cold weather. Most people don’t want to walk outside in a Canadian winter all bundled up in snow gear, so why would a chicken want to run around naked outside?

  • Do you use hormones to raise your chicken?

    No hormones are used to raise our chickens.

  • Does all of your chicken come from the Apostolos Farm?

    If not from our farm, then from another certified Ontario farm. All chicken is processed and certified in a federally inspected plant.

  • Where can I buy your products? Do you have a store?

    Our products are only available for purchase online. Once purchased online, you will be emailed delivery information the first Monday after your order. Delivery is usually on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon, the week after your order. You can pay online with your credit card.

  • How much space does 22kg of whole chickens take up?

    7-8 whole chickens come in a box that measures 16″ x 17″ x 9″ (1.42 cubic feet). We recommend preparing space for your chicken before delivery. Once you’ve individually bagged the chickens they take up less space than the whole box.

  • I don’t have space for all this chicken. Can I still take advantage of your great prices?

    Yes, you can with a bit of sharing. If you don’t have space for all 7-8 chickens you can buy with other family members, a friend, or even a co-worker.

Still have questions?

Email or call us with any questions!