Providing Local Chicken to Local People

We’ve been raising chicken for 50 years. Now we’re bringing you quality Ontario chicken at delicious prices.

Steve Apostolos

Steve Apostolos

Owner and Farmer

Steve, along with a farmhand, takes care of raising chickens and managing his farm on a daily basis. He has a large network of contacts in the chicken farming industry and in the restaurant business. Steve wants every customer to be a happy one. Steven has had a long time vision of supplying fresh Ontario chicken to the Niagara Region.

After 50 years of his family raising chickens in Niagara Falls, Steven thought it was about time he took the next step beyond raising chickens and start offering them into his community of Niagara. He knew that family and friends loved his farm’s chicken because they’d keep asking for it. We’re able to provide our own chicken when it’s ready for market and we source from our farmer friends when it’s necessary. My family has been proudly supplying the Ontario market with quality chicken since 1965!

We can pass savings on to you by selling our own products in bulk. On top of these savings you’ll know and trust the source of your chicken products since all our chickens come from federally or provincially inspected plants. We work to get you the chicken from farm to fork as quick as possible.

Our farming story

In 1957 Vasilios “Bill” Apostolos immigrated to Toronto, Canada from Sparta, Greece. Like many immigrants he dreamt of a better life here. He worked construction for years in Toronto where he met his wife, Panagiota, whom he married in 1960.

In 1965 Bill pursued his dream of being self-employed and started the Apostolos Poultry Farm in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Bill and Panagiota had four children who all helped out on the farm. The home they grew up in still stands at the front of the farm today. The family was in charge of making sure the chickens had fresh and clean wood shavings, that they had nutritious feed and water, and that the chickens were comfortable in the climate controlled barns.

The farm was a family affair, but Bill couldn’t run it forever. He passed on some control to his youngest son, Steven, in the early 90’s and by the mid 90’s Steven was making nearly all the decisions. Some of Steve’s major decisions included incorporating in 1991, increasing barn ventilation, and switching to the larger heavy roaster the farm raises to this day.

Steven is passionate about his farm and family legacy. The reputation and trust he has come to earn in the chicken industry is one few can claim. Farmlife Foods is the next step in continuing his family and farm legacy. Our Farmlife Foods story is just beginning, but we want you to be a part of it. We’re starting in Niagara Falls because this is where it all started and it’s the place we call home.